Applications of Mini Mobile Target Torpedo for Marine Warfare Simulation

Kurniantoro WHS, Agus Budiyono, Yohannes Kurnia P, Tutut Prasetyo


The utilization of Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs) has emerged as a significant technological advancement in the field of marine warfare simulation. This paper investigates the applications of a Mini Mobile Target Torpedo (MMTT) for enhancing the realism and effectiveness of training exercises in naval operations. The MMTT is a compact UUV designed specifically to replicate the acoustic, hydrodynamic, and maneuvering characteristics of a real submarine target. By accurately simulating the behavior of underwater threats, the MMTT facilitates realistic training scenarios for anti-submarine warfare (ASW) operations, mine countermeasures (MCM), and naval exercises. This paper explores the design considerations, capabilities, and operational features of the MMTT, including its propulsion system, maneuverability, acoustic signature, and payload options. It also highlights the benefits of utilizing MMTTs in marine warfare simulation, such as cost-effectiveness, scalability, and the ability to adapt to diverse training scenarios. The integration of MMTTs into training exercises not only enhances the training experience for naval personnel but also contributes to the development of effective strategies and tactics for countering submarine threats. The findings presented in this paper underscore the significant role of MMTTs in advancing the field of marine warfare simulation and highlight their potential for improving naval operational readiness and response capabilities.


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