Managing Intellectual Property Rights in Open Innovation

Agus Budiyono


The emergence of open innovation has revolutionized the way industries approach research and development, enabling collaboration and knowledge sharing across organizational boundaries. However, this collaborative approach raises significant challenges in managing intellectual property (IP) rights. This paper explores the key considerations and strategies for effectively managing IP rights in open innovation initiatives. Drawing on a comprehensive review of relevant literature and real-world case studies, the paper identifies critical issues such as IP ownership, protection, licensing, and commercialization. It also investigates the role of legal frameworks, contracts, and technology platforms in facilitating IP management in open innovation ecosystems. Furthermore, the paper presents practical guidelines and best practices for organizations to navigate the complex landscape of IP rights, balancing openness with the need for protection and value creation. By addressing these challenges proactively, firms can harness the full potential of open innovation while safeguarding their valuable intellectual assets.


open innovation, IP rights, assets


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