The role of digital platforms in facilitating open innovation processes

Agus Budiyono


Open innovation has emerged as a transformative approach for organizations seeking to leverage external knowledge and resources to drive innovation. In recent years, digital platforms have gained significant prominence as facilitators of open innovation processes. This paper examines the role of digital platforms in enabling and enhancing open innovation activities within industry. Drawing upon an extensive review of existing literature and empirical case studies, this study highlights the key contributions of digital platforms in the open innovation landscape. It explores how digital platforms facilitate the identification, acquisition, and integration of external knowledge and ideas, foster collaboration and co-creation among diverse stakeholders, and streamline the process of knowledge transfer and diffusion. Furthermore, this paper investigates the challenges and opportunities associated with digital platforms in open innovation, including issues related to intellectual property, data security, and platform governance. Insights from this research provide valuable guidance for organizations seeking to harness the potential of digital platforms to optimize their open innovation endeavors, cultivate innovation ecosystems, and gain a competitive edge in today's rapidly evolving digital economy.


open innovation, collaboration, digital platform


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