Open innovation metrics and evaluation

Agus Budiyono


Open innovation has emerged as a transformative approach for fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange across industry boundaries. However, assessing the effectiveness and impact of open innovation initiatives remains a challenge due to the absence of comprehensive metrics and evaluation frameworks. This paper presents a comprehensive examination of open innovation metrics and evaluation techniques, aiming to address this crucial gap. We review existing literature and industry practices to identify key dimensions for evaluating open innovation initiatives, including idea generation, collaboration effectiveness, knowledge sharing, and value creation. Furthermore, we propose a framework for open innovation evaluation that integrates quantitative and qualitative metrics to capture both tangible and intangible outcomes. The framework considers various stakeholders and their roles in the open innovation ecosystem. By providing a structured approach to assessing open innovation initiatives, this research contributes to a deeper understanding of the benefits and challenges associated with open innovation, enabling organizations to make informed decisions and optimize their innovation strategies.


open innovation, collaboration, metric, evaluation


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