Open Innovation and Sustainability: Harnessing Collaboration for a Greener Future

Agus Budiyono


In recent years, the pressing need for sustainable development has become a global concern. This has prompted a shift towards integrating open innovation practices to address environmental challenges and achieve sustainable outcomes. This paper explores the intersection of open innovation and sustainability, highlighting the potential synergies and benefits that arise from their collaboration. By leveraging external knowledge and expertise, open innovation enables organizations to generate and implement innovative solutions for sustainable practices, products, and services. Moreover, it fosters collaboration among diverse stakeholders, including industry partners, government entities, academic institutions, and communities, facilitating the sharing of resources, information, and ideas. Through an analysis of successful case studies and existing literature, this paper demonstrates how open innovation serves as a catalyst for sustainable development, driving environmental stewardship, resource efficiency, and circular economy models. It concludes with key recommendations for organizations seeking to adopt open innovation approaches to achieve sustainable goals in their operations and industry as a whole.


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