Self-tuning PID Parameters by using NN-GA for Cruise Control System

Jirapun Pongfai, Wudhichai Assawinchaichote


This paper considers the self-tuning PID parameters by using Neural Network (NN) together with Genetic Algorithm (GA) which is called the NN-GA. The NN-GA is the combination of Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm which is optimized the learning process of NN by using GA. From the simulation results, the NN-GA gives the better transient response i.e., the percent overshoot, the steady state error, the rise time and the settling time when compared with the pure NN, pure GA and PSO.


PID Controller; Self-Tuning; Cruise Control; Genetic Algorithm; Neural Networks; Particle and Swarm Optimization; Transient Response Analysis; Artificial Intelligence; Fitness Function Calculation

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