Combustor Design for Turbocharger Turbojet Engine

Mochammad Agoes Moelyadi


This research explains several variation designs of the combustion chamber for a turbojet engine based of T70 turbocharger. T70 turbocharger engines are widely used in vehicles, especially cars. The problem that often occurs in the combustion chamber is the non-uniform flow which makes a pressure loss. The other problem is no combustion occurs in the primary zone, but it occurs in the dilution zone until the outlet engine nozzle. The method performed in this research is hot flow simulation in combustion chamber using ANSYS software. The aim of this research is to make optimum combustion chamber design with minimum pressure loss, small pattern factor, and turbine inlet temperature (TIT) that does not exceed limit of the material. Flow analysis on each variation designs is performed to find the best flow patterns. A good flow pattern follows some certain conditions such as presence of air circulation and sufficient air mass flow in each zone. The analytical methods that used to consider the initial design target are turbine inlet temperature, pattern factor, mass flow distribution, and pressure loss. In this combustion chamber design, the TIT target is less than 1260 Kelvin, pattern factor is less than 0.2, mass flow passing through the snout is 8.0 percent, primary is 12 percent, secondary is 30 percent, dilution is 45 percent, cooling is 5 percent, and pressure loss is less than 8%. Result of the simulation shows that TIT is 1201.7 K, pressure loss is 19.82 percent, pattern factor is 0.44 and mass flow passing through the snout is 2.7 percent, primary is 12.3 percent, secondary is 20.2 percent, dilution is 45.8 percent, and cooling is 18.95 percent.


combustion chamber; pattern factor; hot flow; CFD

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