Development of Flying Car Model with Quad Rotors

Mochammad Agoes Moelyadi


The Quad rotor based flying car model with T-tail horizontal stabilizer is presented. This paper discusses the design of the flying car including the definition of Design Requirement and Objective and a preliminary design, analysis of aerodynamics, weight and balance, manufacturing the flying car model, as well as indoor and outdoor flight testing. The dimension of the flying model is 1/5 of the full real car. The initial model configuration has been improved to have better aerodynamic efficiency, propulsive trust and weight reduction. Concerning the manufacturing process, easy and inexpensive method is explored. For the testing purpose, the flying car is equipped with a stabilize device to control its instability motion.  In-door and out-door flying test shows that the designed flying car can fly in stable reaching 3 meter high in-door condition, and that be able fly with less stable at out-door condition.


Flying Car; Quad Rotor; Manufacture; Flight Testing

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