Analysis of Grass Area Aerial Image Set

Sutthiphong Spot Srigrarom, Yap Zhan Hong, Lee Meng Da, Cheong Kah Yuen


In the recent years, the emergence of drone industry have expanded its utilities purpose in the commercial world. When coupled with computer vision, it can provide useful analysis of the aerial image set taken from the drone, and have since benefited across various industries such as agriculture and land surveillance. For a land surveillance mission, not only does it have the possibility of producing results with higher accuracy, it will also reduce the number of manpower and time required if similar tasks were carried out manually. Singapore is known as a City in a Garden due to the huge amount of greeneries spread across the country. Many of these greeneries consists of large empty grass patch which need maintenance work by hired contractors and visual checks by agency officers every few weeks. With a few thousands site large and small, the amount of manpower required is tremendous. In this paper we propose a solution that can resolve the manpower issue and offer visual analysis through computer vision methods.


Grass area monitoring, Structure from motion, Photogrammetry

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