Arduino-Based Altitude and Heading Control of a Flapping Wing Micro-Air-Vehicle

Lung Jieh Yang


This paper presents the development of hardware module to perform versatile flight controls of flapping wing micro air vehicles (FWMAVs) or ornithopters. Firstly the authors survey the developed avionics, including the configurations of full integration and with discrete components, respectively for flight and control of FWMAVs in the literature. MEMS micro-barometers and micro-compass are frequently interfaced with a microcontroller to determine the altitude and orientation of FWMAVs. Herein a custom-developed printed-circuit-board (PCB) is also integrated with an inertial-measurement-unit (IMU) and a barometer to obtain constant altitude of the air vehicle. The heading of the FWMAV is controlled using a micro-compass with reference to magnetometer direction in the IMU. Simulation and hardware testing were carried out using an ATmega-328Pmicro-controller onboard. The result confirms that the proposed control system can be adopted to control the FWMAVs efficiently some comments on the necessity of integration about the control avionics are also addressed.


Altitude hold, barometer, directional flight, inertial measurement unit (IMU), flapping wing micro air vehicle (FWMAV)

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