Design and Prototyping of an Autonomous Un-Guided Vehicle (AuGV) for Hazardous Areas Usage: Moon Rover Space Exploration Vehicle Prototyping

Sumaila Musa, Alexander Ajibola, Ikenna Ijeh, Emmanuel Okyere, Jamie Gibson


This paper present the design and prototyping of an AuGV capable of navigating & avoiding obstacles in its path whilst it simultaneously calculate the shortest or best route to achieve the primary task for which it is designed for, i.e. deploying it solar-panel on locating a spot of brightest light intensity.

While most AGV (Autonomous Guided Vehicle) journal papers focuses on simulations and abstract ideas, this paper focuses on the development of an actual working prototype (with emphasizes on hardware such as controller, subsystems as well as the various communication protocols which were incorporated to link the various the subsystems together and to effectively transfer data and information control).

Decentralized embedded system solution was used to achieve the objectives of this project; while the test environment, obstacles in path, etc. are not known to the AGV neither were they incorporated in the programming of the AGV controller.

A fully functioning prototype was built, tested and it results presented herein as well as video demonstration


AGV; Locomotion; Light-Sensing & Deployment of Solar-panel; MBED Microcontroller; Obstacle-sensing & Avoidance; Prototyping

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