Comparative Study of Parallel and Cascade Configuration Supervisory Predictive Controller for Water Level Control System with Delay Time

Ali Fatoni, Joko Susila, Imam Arifin, Mohamad Abdul Hady, Riki Rizki


The delay time on a water level control system was inconvenient to be eliminated. This problem was occurred from natural process while the water was transferred by pump via long pipe. Predictive control is a popular technique to control slow response systems with delay time. This controller can applied in two level that are regulatory and supervisory. In this research, comparison between PI and predictive controller in regulatory and supervisory level with cascade and parallel configuration will analyze. Implementation of this control method will be applied to level control systems PCT-100.  Predictive controller can eliminate the impact of delay time and improve system performance with faster response. Predictive control in supervisory level with cascade configuration has the best performance with the smallest time constant about 1.206 second.


Model Predictive Control; Parallel Supervisory Predictive Control; Cascade Supervisory Predictive Control

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