Traffic Flow Optimization by Weber-Fechner Law Applied Intelligent Vehicles

Tasuku Takagi


Weber-Fechner Law (WFL) that exists in the relationship between distance-headway (X) (X=VT, V: vehicle speed, T: time-headway) can be expressed like X=Xoe^bV. If this can be embedded into vehicles as the driver assisting intelligence, it is expected to prevent rear-end collisions and to get high efficiency flows by easing congestions. Such benefits are theoretically mentioned from the development of the WFL. The essential core parameter is Vb which is defined from the WFL as characteristic speed which is also defined as critical speed, because when the flow speed V=Vav (averaged speed) is equal to Vb (V=Vb), the flow density becomes the maximum, which does not mean the highest flow efficiency, but it easily goes to congestion. If the speed  becomes equal to 2Vb (V=2Vb), the maximum economic efficiency can be obtained.

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