Smart Bracelet Using Haptic System with Fuzzy Controller in Deminer Quad-rotor Robots

Majid Yekkehfallah Fallah


In this paper we present a novel method and a useful device in order to assist robot’s pilot during control a deminer quadrotor robot in urgent situation. Moreover, we propose a smart bracelet that utilizes haptic system with fuzzy logic controller to generate desire vibration to user’s hand with respect to mine detector sensor and sonar sensor, which mounted on robot. In this approach, we design two separate bracelets for two user hands, which first one for warning to user with respect to mine detector sensor and another one for warning relate to obstacle avoidance. Finally, we applied a medicines pulse sensor in fuzzy logic controller to measure pilot’s heartbeat to help pilot in hazardous situation.


Haptic system, fuzzy logic, deminnig robot, vibrotactile, magnetic field.

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