Vol 5, No 1 (2018)

Table of Contents

Research Paper

Data Driven Models for Satellite State-of-Health Monitoring and Evaluation PDF
Ahmad M. Al-Zaidy, Wessam M. Hussein, Mahmoud M. A. Sayed, Ibrahim El-Sherif 1-11
A Modified Algorithm based on the Equal-Areas PWM for the Extend of Linear Operation of a Microprocessor-Controlled PWM-VSI PDF
Fotis Konstantinos Paterakis, D. Nafpaktitis, M. Darwish, Koulouras E. Grigorios 12-19
Solar-Rechargeable Brain-Controlled Wheel-Chair for Paralytic Patients Using Emotiv Epoc+ PDF
Ahmad Muhammad Faruk, A. Bakry Hussein, Marwan A. Rashed, Sohair F. Rezeka, Mohamed El-Habrouk 20-33
Dynamic Analysis, Design and Expermintal Demonstration of a Gamma-Type Stirling Engine Coupled with Parabolic Dish Tracker PDF
Muhammad I. Rashad, Ihab G. Adam, Khaled F. Shehata 34-43

Technology State of the Art Review Paper

Robotic and Mechatronic Applications Related to Renewable Energy – A Survey PDF
Ahmed A. Hassan, Mohamed El-Habrouk, Samir Deghedie 44-65

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