A 3D Sustainable Renewable Micro Power Station for Smart Grid Applications

Komlanvi Moglo, Mahmoud Shafik, Mfortaw Elvis Ashu


The supply of clean energy and its security is becoming an issue for all countries since the limitations of fossil fuels resources usages for energy generations, and the relative high dependency on imported fuels and their ever climbing prices. The paper presents the preliminary research undertaken to design a 3D sustainable renewable micro power station for smart grid applications as a contributing solution to challenges in the energy sector which do not only refrain only to the safe supply of clean Energy, but also in terms of environmental degradation due to carbon emissions for which the energy sector is the major contributor. Power supply must increase as rapidly as demand to ensure sustained growth. This is the rationale upon which Governments, international organizations, researchers are accelerating investments in expanding the power system, its generation and transmission. A major importance for the theoretical study of hybrid systems, based on renewable energy (photovoltaic, wind, hydro system) is the availability of models which can be used to study the Behaviour of hybrid systems and most important , software simulation environments. As available tools are quite limited, this paper would present the most current and up to date model which can be used for the simulation purposes of the 3D sustainable renewable micro power station for smart grid applications as well as for educational purposes.


3D, Photovoltaic; Sustainable; Hybrid

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21535%2Fijrm.v2i4.874


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