Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Servo Control Feed Drive Renovate Electro Discharge Machining System Industrial Applications and Transfer the Technology into a New Era

Mahmoud Shafik


This paper presents the state of art of the latest development in electro discharge machining system technology. It covers the current and recent development using the electromagnetic and piezoelectric ultrasonic servo control feed drive technology. The paper also demonstrates how the ultrasonic technology renovates the system and transfers its industrial applications into a new era. Electro discharge machining process is one of the most common processes in automotive and aerospace industry. It is mainly used to machine and process alloys and very hard materials for key manufacturing components, such as film cooling holes for Turbine Blades, engine strip sheets, steel sheets for automotive industry outer vehicle body… etc. The electro discharge machining system that uses electromagnetic servo control feed drive has a number of teething issues and this indicated the necessity to employ a new technology that could overcome these issues and enhance the system level of precision, dynamic time response, machining stability, arcing phenomena and product surface profile. The research undertaken to evaluate both systems showed that the system using ultrasonic servo control feed drive has a clear improvement in system dynamic time response, stability, a notable reduction in arcing and short-circuiting teething phenomena. This has been verified through the inter electrode gap voltage. The electron microscopic examination into the machined samples using the ultrasonic system have also indicated a clear improvement in the surface profile of the machined samples.


Electro Discahrge Maching, Industrial Automation, Mechatronics, Servo Feed Drive, Electro-Mechainical System

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