Ducted Fan Flying Object with normal and reverse ducted fan units

Masafumi Miwa, Shinya Marubashi


Recently, UAV such as single / multi rotor helicopter is used in fields of aerial photography and aerial investigation. But rotor blades of UAV thrust device are not covered, and the thrust is generated by high rotational speed. Thus UAV has a high risk of damage. In previous study, we presented inverted pendulum type flying object (DFO1 and DFO2) using ducted fans instead of rotor blades. PI-D control was employed for roll, pitch and yaw attitude control. We succeeded to achieve stable hovering by 3-axes (roll, pitch and yaw axis) attitude control. However, small oscillation and small steady state error appears. These oscillation and steady state error can be attributed to Gyro moment of ducted fan tilting motion. In this study, we report a newly developed DFO3 equipped with normal and reverse rotation ducted fan to cancel Gyro moment effect. We succeeded to achieve stable take off / landing and hovering.


UAV, Ducted fan, Attitude control, Inverted pendulum

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21535%2Fijrm.v1i1.123


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