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Control of Robot Arm Based on Hand Gestures Using Leap Motion Sensor Technology

Hiroshan Gunawardane, Nimali Medagedara, Achintha Madhusanka


This paper presents the mathematical model, design and the implementation of the hand gesture controlled robot manipulator. Nowadays various types of robots are used in medical industries. For the case of surgeries, surgeon uses either direct or through the computer control methods to control instruments required.  For electro mechanical designing of a bilateral robot manipulators Controlling is identified as one of the key issues. Hand Gesture controlling is one of the major developments emerged in recent past. A technique of controlling robot manipulators in slave side of the bilateral system using Leap Motion Contoller(LMC) based gesture detections is developed with the help of this research. The mathematical model for inverse kinematics, dynamics and trajectory generation is developed and simulated in the “Wolfram Mathematica 10” . This paper shows the possibilities of optimizing the joint actuator by improving the trajectory planning. The model is verified using the MATLAB simulation in real-time. The simulation is developed using the MATLAB Robotics Tool Box 9.10 to imitate the fingertip. A 3DOF (Degree of Freedom) customized robot model was tested with the developed mathematical model. The prototype was developed using MG995 servo motors and Processing IDE. The development was succeeded in real-time but due to the use of low cost servos, the precession of the system was not very high. In order to apply this system in surgical type applications, the system should be implemented with high precession robot servos; such as Dynamixel robot actuators.   



Bilateral Systems; Fingertip Imitating; Robot Manipulator; Matlab Robotics Tool Box; Robot Simulation; Kinematic Model; Robot Control; Leap Motion Controller; Hand Gesture

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