Vol 10 (2014)

The 10th International Conference on Intelligent Unmanned Systems | Sept 29 - Oct 1, 2014 | Montreal, Canada

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A Novel Hybrid Design of an Insect-Based Micro Air Vehicle Capable of Sustained and Controlled Flight PDF
Quoc-Viet Nguyen, Woei Leong Chan, Marco Debiasi
Prediction of Dynamic Response of a Flapping-type Tidal Energy Harvester with a Variable Camber Wing PDF
Hendra A Putra, T Q Truong, H C Park, T S Kang, J H Ko
Preliminary Study on Stability of a Hovering Bi-flap Flapping Wing Platform using Cycle-Averaged Linear Models PDF
Woei Leong Chan, Muhammad Azli Bin Jaffar, Quoc-Viet Nguyen
Tactic Switching For Multiple UAV Teams via Model Predictive Control PDF
A T Hafez, M Iskandarani, S N Givigi, S Yousefi
Performance Evaluation of a Bidirectional Piezoelectric Hybrid Actuator PDF
Xiao Long Jin, Ngoc San Ha, Nam Seo Goo, Tae Heun Kim, Byung Woon Bae, Chang Seop Lee
UAV Fault-Tolerant Control by Combined Sliding-mode Control and Fault-dependent Actuator Allocation PDF
Mikkel Eske Nørgaard Sørensen, Søren Hansen, Mogens Blanke
Using RGB Information to Improve NDT Distribution Generation and Registration Convergence PDF
James Servos, Steven L Waslander
Actuator Stuck Fault Compensation Design for Linear System Under Actuator Constraints: A Solution for Autonomous Vehicles PDF
Xin Qi, Didier Theilliol, Juntong Qi, Jean Christophe Ponsart, Chong Wu, Youmin Zhang, Jianda Han
Modeling and Simulation of the Soft-Wing UAV PDF
Juntong Qi, Xiang Wang, Jianda Han
The Construction of Environment Models with the Aerial Images Captured by Low Altitude PDF
Juntong Qi, Wang Wang, Chunsheng Hua, Jianda Han
A Novel Flapping Mechanism for 20cm-Wingspan Micro Air Vehicle PDF
L J Yang
Walking and Swimming Legged Underwater Robot Inspired by Diving Beetles PDF
Hee Joong Kim, Jihong Lee
Active Fault Tolerant Control of Octorotor UAV using Dynamic Control Allocation PDF
Abdel Razzak Merheb, Hassan Noura, Francois Bateman
Fusion of Millimeter Wave Radar and Monocular Vision for Obstacle Detection Based on Rotor-Wing UAV PDF
Juntong Qi, Chao Jiang, Chunsheng Hua, Tianyu Lin, Yong Xia, Jianda Han
Distributed Formation Control using Consensus for Multi Robot Humanoid PDF
Oetomo Oetomo, Bambang Riyanto
Navigation-Aware Guidance in Unknown and GPS-Denied Environments Using the Information Theory PDF
Hyo Sang Shin, Marek Malinowski
Civil GPS Jammer Geolocation from a UAV Equipped with a Received Signal Strength Indicator Sensor PDF
Hyo Sang Shin, Thomas de Corlieu, Antonios Tsourdos
Corner Detection Based on Gabor Filter Decomposition and Phase Congruency PDF
Yabin Wang, Qiang Zhang, Long Wang
Perception and Navigation for Autonomous Rotorcraft PDF
Sajad Saeedi, Amr Nagaty, Carl Thibault, Michael Trentini, Howard Li
Probabilistic Cooperative Target Localization PDF
Amr Nagaty, Carl Thi, Michael Trentini, Howard Li
Simulataneous Localization and Mapping based on Inertial Navigation and Depth Image Information PDF
Jian Qiang Li, Tao Xia, Hai Long Pei, Zhong Ming
Improved Genetic Algorithm for Ground Robot's Path Planning with Aerial Vision PDF
Jian Qiang Li, Hai Long Pei, Yu Xi Wang, Zhong Ming
An Autonomous Pointing System for Stratospheric Balloon-borne Multi-mission Platform PDF
Honghui Wang, Zhaohui Yuan, Hong Gao
Development of a Comprehensive Software System for Cargo Transportation by Unmanned Helicopters PDF
Peidong Liu, Xiangxu Dong, Fei Wang, Ben M Chen
Interactive Autonomous Driving through Adaptation from Participation PDF
Anqi Xu, Qiwen Zhang, David Meger, Gregory Dudek
Autonomous Flight of a Quadrotor Using Multi-Camera Visual SLAM PDF
Mingfeng Zhang, Adam Harmat, Inna Sharf
Estimating the Heading of a Husky Mobile Robot with a LiDAR Compass based on Direction Maps* PDF
Marc J. Gallant, Joshua A. Marshall, Brian K. Lynch
Aeroservoelastic Modeling and Analysis of High Aspect Ratio UAV PDF
Zhi Xu
Random Decision Forests for Object Detection PDF
Juanjuan Ma, Quan Pan, Chunhui Zhao, Yizhai Zhang, Liu Liu, Yang Lv
Power and Autonomous System in UAV for Payload Dropping Mission PDF
Ghozali S. Hadi, Rivaldy Varianto, Bambang Riyanto, Agus Budiyono
Control of Small Unmanned Aircraft Based on Embedded System and Global Visual Navigation PDF
Dan Wang, Changye Yu, Qiang Wang
Trimming Algorithm and Analysis on Flight Control for Tilt-rotor Aircraft PDF
Jianzhong Chai
Nonlinear Integral Backstepping ─ Model-Free Control Applied to a Quadrotor System PDF
Younes Al Younes, Ahmad Drak, Hassan Noura, Abdelhamid Rabhi, Ahmed El Hajjaji
A Propulsion System for Low-Speed Maneuvering Underwater Vehicles PDF
Florence M. Mbithi, Nikolaos I. Vitzilaios, Matthew J. Rutherford, Kimon P. Valavanis
Nao Robot with Kinect Camera for Gesture Pattern Classification and Control PDF
M. A. Cumming, Q. Song
A New Method of Point-Cloud Registration Based on Affine-invariant Features PDF
Ma Xiaomin, Liu Ding, Xin Jing, Zheng Gang, Liu Hong
Hybrid Bayesian Blackboard and Structure-variable Dynamic Bayesian Networks Approach to UCAV Situation Assessment PDF
Qinan Luo, Haibin Duan, Xiaoguang Hu, Guofeng Zhang, Yunpeng Zhang
New Weak Signal Detection Method Based on Adaptive Parameter-induced Stochastic Resonance PDF
Shang-bin Jiao
Straight-Line Following Active Disturbances Attenuation Control of a Unmanned Surface Vehicle PDF
Z. X. Liu, X. Yu, C. Yuan, Y. M. Zhang, J. Luo
Gravity Gradient-Geomagnetism Combined Aided Underwater Navigation Using Federated Information Fusion PDF
Wu Meng, Jin-Wen Tian
Development of a user-friendly program for horizontal-axis-type turbine design based on blade element and momentum theory PDF
Le Quang Phan, Hoon Cheol Park, Jin Hwan Ko, Tuyen Quang Le, Hendra A. Putra
Adaptive Neural Dynamic Surface Attitude Control of a Quadrotor PDF
Jianjun Ma, Peng Li, Lina Geng, Zhiqiang Zheng
Direct Touch Operation Method for Flying Cargo System based on Multi Rotor Helicopter PDF
Masafumi Miwa
Effect of wing-offset on thrust produced by flapping wings PDF
Loan Thi Kim Au, Vu Hoang Phan, Quang Le Phan, Hoon Cheol Park
Measurement and analysis of aerodynamic forces of an Ornithopter in free flight PDF
Joydeep Bhowmik, Nidhish Raj, Debopam Das, Abhishek Abhishek
Multi UCAVs Coordinated Attack Target Assignment using an improved PSO algorithm PDF
Xiaojun Xing, Jianguo Yan, Dongli Yuan
Development of Multi-Purpose Reconfigurable Engineering Flight Simulator at Ryerson University PDF
Ohyun Kwon, Joon Chung, Dongho Song, Hyeong-Uk Park
An experimental investigation on flapping wing flexibility for insect-inspired MAVs development PDF
Yeong Gyun Ryu, Jo Won Chang
Backstepping Control Design Applied to a Quadrotor Aircraft for Autonomous Missions PDF
Charland-Arcand Guillaume, Ouassima Akhrif, Abbas Chamseddine, François Gagnon
Disturbance-Observer-Based Second Order Sliding Mode Fault Tolerant Control for Airbreathing Hypersonic Vehicles PDF
Peng Li, Jianjun Ma, Zhiqiang Zheng
Predictive Current Control for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Based on UKF Control PDF
Guangzhao Luo, Wencong Tu, Yaohong Qu
Maneuverability of an Ornithopter and the Effect of Gust: An Experimental Investigation PDF
Saurav Kumar Ghosh, Joydeep Bhowmik, Debopam Das
A Ground-Based Vision System for UAV Pose Estimation PDF
Nuno Pessanha Santos, Fernando Melício, Victor Lobo, Alexandre Bernardino
Flight Characteristics of Quad Rotor Helicopter with Tilting Rotor PDF
Akitaka Imamura, Yasuyuki Urashiri, Masafumi Miwa, Junichiro Hino
Automatic Vision-Based Forest Fire Detection Technologies for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles PDF
Chi Yuan, Youmin Zhang, Zhixiang Liu
Overcoming Communication Limitations towards Task Consensus among a Team of Heterogeneous Autonomous Underwater Vehicles PDF
James Delande, Ramprasad Balasubramanian
Nonhomogeneous Clutter Environment-oriented Adaptive Probability Hypothesis Density Filter PDF
Xi Shi, Feng Yang, Yongqi Wang, Yan Liang
Multi-UAVs Multi-target Location Algorithm Based on Multi-frame Hypothesis Testing PDF
Feng Yang, Jie Zou, Yanbo Yang
Vision-based Sense and Avoid of UAV with 2D Dynamic Safety Envelop PDF
Yang Lv, Quan Pan, Chun-hui Zhao, Cheng Cheng, Yi-zhai Zhang
Forest Fire Monitoring and Detection using a Network of Autonomous Vehicles PDF
Farid Sharifi, Youmin Zhang, Amir G. Aghdam
Outlier Detection based on Eigenspace Subtracting PDF
Bo Jin, Zhongliang Jing, Haitao Zhao, Rongli Liu, Han Pan, Canlong Zhang
A Novel Clustering Algorithm based on Particle Swarm Optimization PDF
Xiaojun Wu
Wind Field Estimation of Small UAV Based on Sideslip Angle Information PDF
Yaohong Qu, Ying Zhou, Youmin Zhang
Active Fault Tolerant Control using MPC with Terminal Constraints PDF
Youmin Zhang
Trailing-Edge-Change Mechanism for Longitudinal Attitude Control in an Insect-Mimicking Flapping-Wing System PDF
Vu Hoang Phan, Patar Ebenezer Sitorus, Quang Le Phan, Hoon Cheol Park
Developments and Challenges in Wheeled Mobile Robot Control PDF
Mohamed Kamel, Youmin Zhang
Validation of an Energy-Optimal Path Planning Algorithm through a Solar-Assisted Mini UAV PDF
Andrew Liu, Hugh H.T. Liu, Wai T. Ng
Pitch Oscillation Control of Hydroplane in Dual System of Lab-scale Flapping Type Tidal Energy Harvester PDF
Indra Hartarto Tambunan, Patar Ebenezer Sitorus, Hendra Adi Putra, Jin Hwan Ko, Hoon Cheol Park, Tae Sam Kang
A Framework for Energy-Efficient Trajectory Optimization in Patrolling Problem with Non-pre-defined Starting Depot PDF
Walaaeldin Ghadiry, Youmin Zhang
Robust Attitude Maneuver Control Based on Fuzzy T-S Model PDF
Zhu Liangkuan, Youmin Zhang

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