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Research on Human-Robot Collaborative Teleoperation System for Reconnaissance Robot

Hongru Tang, Aiguo Song


Two aspects of enhancing the robot’s autonomous capabilities and improving the manner of human-robot interaction are addressed in the research and development of reconnaissance robot to respond events involving hazardous materials. A novel human-robot collaborative semi-autonomous mobile robot architecture (SAMRA) which combined the key advances of deliberation and reactivity architecture is proposed. In which, the human operator collaborate with the robot to perform tasks. The implement method of primary intelligent behaviors which use fuzzy inference theory and dynamic priority are presented in succession. And then, a visualized human-robot interface with lively video display, 3D drawing simulator of robot’s attitude and manipulator’s pose is introduced briefly. Simulation and experimental tests show the human-robot collaborative teleoperation system of reconnaissance robot possesses of flexibility and robustness in the performing tasks.

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