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Design of SWATH Based Unmanned Surface Vehicle

K. Muljowidodo, Sapto Nugroho, Nico Prayogo, Munif Sudaryono


Unmanned surface vehicle promises some advantages for civil and military application. Some approach to improve and design the better solution become more attractive in all aspect. Indonesia as the maritime country have an specific needs of kinds solution for the coastal area preservation. USV is the one of the unmanned solution for Naval technology application. USV that have been developed by Center for Unmanned system studies is based of SWATH (Small wetted area twin hull) technology. With this concept, it makes this vehicle not closely as surface definition but more than likes subsurface vehicle [7]. SWATH type naval architecture need a largely part that’s fully submerged beneath the surface. Some of Design aspect for this vehicle will be described on this paper.

This vehicle prototype have dimension (L x W x H) :1622mm x 862 mm x 923 mm, most of the construction for development of this vehicle based on composite. Composite technology offered some advantage. Some construction design for this prototype architecture will be described on this paper.

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