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3C-3D Velocity Field Measurements of the Wake Region of Low Reynolds Number Flow around a Flat Plate Undergoing Transient Pitch-Ramp Motion

A-J. Buchner, J. Soria


Unsteady aerodynamics in the low Reynolds number domain is of great importance to the development of Micro Air Vehicles (MAVs). There exists a deficiency of information on the nature of the three-dimensionality of flow over, and in the wake of, pitching aerofoils. The flow behavior and governing phenomena are not well understood. This paper extends previous two-dimensional (2D) work [1] by taking multi-dimensional (3D), multi-component (3C) measurements using tomographic particle image velocimetry (Tomo-PIV). The three-component, three-dimensional (3C-3D) velocity field in the wake of a flat plate undergoing a pitch-hold-return motion is investigated. The experiments are conducted in a water tunnel at a Reynolds number of 7,500 and a dimensionless pitching rate of Kc = 0.93. The focus is on the interaction of the leading edge vortex in the wake of the pitching plate, highlighting the three-dimensional organisation of the vortex structure.

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